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a peek to Gee*Eight

Whooottt,,, finally I am in Bandung now! During my busy days in campus, I took a peek on this vibrant red colored store called Gee*Eight

A store called: House of Gee*Eight
Address:  Jl.Progo no.3, Bandung
Phone: +6222 4267686
Trends: Casual
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Fitting Room: 3 huge fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: no
Online store: http://geeeight.com
Twitter: @geeeight

My first impression to this huge outlet is that you’ll find it hard to not find the right stuff for you in Gee*Eight, the store has the whole package! They have all kinds of clothes that a woman need ! They have all types of pants and skirts, from short , mid length, to long ones. Any kinds of tops, from shirts, T-shirts, blouse, sweaters, winter coat, tank tops, cardigans, blazers, etc. All kinds of dresses, from mini, mid length, to maxi dress – Gee*Eight even have jumpsuits! They also have  a collection for hijabers and kids! The style Gee*Eight offer are mostly casual, there are a lot of variety of designs, suitable for  teenagers to working moms. I think, Gee*Eight could be one of your favorite store to visit in Bandung.

A glimpse at the store's shopping atmosphere
In Gee*Eight, all clothes are self manufactured, designed by Gee*Eight’s professional design team.  As I skimmed through the clothes, the fabric that Gee*Eight used are high quality fabrics, Gee*Eight showed a very neat tailoring, and the style are really up-to-date

Gee*Eight said that some actresses like Tasya and Tyas Mirasih visited Gee*Eight before, Gee*Eight also featured in some of TV series and movies 

Gee*Eight clothing

Price tag overview :
Price (Rp. K)
Kid's clothing

I do not suggest you to buy the bags and purses here, the designs are too common, the leather and cloth they are using are low-quality, and the price is not worth the product.  But, the clothes are recommended to pick, here are some of my personal picks in the store :

click for detail
1. Long sleeve see through dress , Rp. 190k - quite expensive
2. Elbow length mini dress (details on the back), Rp. 175k - quite expensive
3. Asymmetrical sleeveless batik, Rp.155k - expensive
4. Bohemian see through tank top, Rp.120k - expensive
5. Knee length play pants, Rp.170k - expensive

these are my highly recommended stuffs!  jeng jeng jenggg.....

  1. Black V nect shirt with a backV peek (Rp.100k – considered a little bit expensive)
  2. Salmon Pink high waist patterned pants (Rp.185k – reasonably cheap) - new stuff, not in web yet

è I really recommend this pants, the cut is really good, fits your body perfectly. The pattern is really on today’s trends. The fabric is stretchable, comfortable to wear . especially the price is a quite good deal. 
1.      Black and white asymmetrical shirt, with bohemian pattern (Rp. 150k - reasonable)
àGreat cut, comfortable fabric, stretchable
2.      Salmon Pink high waist jegging (Rp. 210k – quite expensive)
è It was quite expensive actually. You may consider that the fabric was a high quality one, stretchable, and have zippers on bottom. The high waist cut was perfect to grab your but beautifully. If you really like it and has some extra money to spend, these high waist pants were a worth to spend.

Yellow coat! (Rp.220rb – reasonable). Isn’t it cute?? Suitable to be worn in chilly days in Bandung, be a sunshine after the rain xixixixi

For more products and details, visit geeeight.com

  • -        Just like what I said in the beginning, Gee*Eight have the whole package! Take a peek on the website first to save your time picking in the store, because the varieties of products in the store were insanely a lot.
  • -        Prepare your eyes and purse girls! In a big store like Gee*Eight, you gotta be a smart shopper! Happy shopping!

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  1. Whoa you made a remarkable observation, good job! I noticed that you were the girl who played Glinda in charity night hehe, you are a great performer. Thank you for your kind words, I'm following your blog now!



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