a project called "Bandung Cross Outlet" where I am going to visit an Outlet in Bandung on the weekend, and write a post about it. Follow my blog for the weekly post! Hope you got inspired and blessed while reading!


a peek to Look Boutique

One fine day, me and Marcella planned to go to BTC (Bandung Trade Center, Pasteur) to buy a pair of "fake" crocs, since it's been raining all week. That's totally our main target, BUT since we found this small-yet-sophisticated store, the main target spread its branches to another targets such as buying sweaters, jeans, dresses, shirts, etc. We even bought a pair of friendship blouse. Ckckckck, girls. 

We bought this beautiful blouse in a store called "Look Boutique Store". I spend almost Rp800k in that store, I even borrowed Marcella's money (not proud). That's why the memory of shopping in Look Boutique store is always been a sweet memory of our friendship. Since, I got the idea of "Bandung Cross Outlet", I directly contact the owner of Look Boutique and ask her permission to visit her outlet, thank God she warmly gave a green light.

Basic Info : 

A store called: Look Boutique
Address:  Bandung Trade Centre (BTC) Ground Floor block c2 no 3, Dr.Djunjunan Street (pasteur) no 91, Bandung
Trends: Casual
Fitting Room: 1 fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: yes
Online store: http://lookboutiquestore.com

Most of the clothes in Look Boutique are self manufactured, and some of them are imported from several countries. I love the style of their self manufactured clothes, the tailoring is neat, and the price is totally worth the product.


Studded Collar Shirt Rp145k
Velvet High waist Shorts Rp125k
Belt Rp50k

Outer Rp265k
Top Rp125k
Bottom Rp125k
Top Rp135k
Leather shorts Rp135k (available in black and cream)
Belt Rp50k

Outer Rp165k (available in black, white, yellow)
Jumpsuit Rp160k (available in beige, indigo green, fuchsia)
Belt Rp50k

Jeans Outer Rp160k
Bottom Rp135k (available in 3 colors : beige, black, pink)
Top Rp100k

Bargain like your are a beggar. Look Boutique is open for bargain. With a very intense price war with the shop keeper, you may go home with a huge victory in your shopping bag.
Have a blast weekend!


a peek to Toscavica

took a picture with the best shop keeper ever : kak Winny
I'm insanely excited to post a peek to one of my favourite local brand, drum roll ....... TOSAVICA! So thankful that the marketing of the store may warmly open their door for me to peek at. I doubled today's euphoria cause I am doing this peek with my beautiful-charming-sweet-kindhearted bff, lemme introduce you to Marcella Suta-'ning'!

a glimpse of the store's atmosphere

Basic informations
A store called: Tosavica

Address:  Jl. Trunojoyo no 8, Bandung

Trends: Casual

Fitting Room: 1 fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: no
Online store: http://www.tosavica.com
Twitter: @TOSAVICA

I first visited the store 2 years a go, the brand "Tosavica" stuck in my brain since then. Tosavica is Indonesia leading fashion brand, providing high quality casual wear for women and men.

Here are the HIGHLY RECOMMENDED stuffs!
1. Poplin blouse peach Rp269k, Palazo Navy pants Rp299k

2. Long sleeve pocket tee white Rp199k, Floral skirt red Rp199k

3. Cut out knee legging Rp239k, Salmon peek waist top R189k

4. Square pad blazer peach Rp289k, Loose sleeveless dress blue Rp199k

5. Asymmetric double skirt Rp189k, Classic sleeveless royal blue Rp129k

6. Back cut out dress Rp329k

7. Floral blazer Rp239k, Lady black arrow shorts Rp259k, Classic sleeveless royal blue Rp129k, Floral cap Rp139k

8. Peek front dress peach Rp289k

9. Square pad blazer blue Rp289k

Let me guess what you are thinking right now, hmm... What? Marcella and Merilda are super gorgeous? You want to take those clothes home? Wkwkwkwk . Visit Tosavica at Jl. Trunojoyo no 9, Bandung. 

Visiting Tosavica may cause you went home with a very wide smile, very full hands and an empty purse,  hahahaha.
 Have a blast weekend guys! 


Valentine's Day

Me and Marylin wish you a very blessed Valentine's day! Spread your love!


teen(age dream) vouge

Bought it in Books & Beyond, Siloam Hospitals Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang. It cost Rp.64k, I just knew it when I got to the cashier - to ovoid my self of great embarrassment, I bought it anyway -_- .  Could it be my first and last teen vouge? Wkwkwkwk 

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese new year everyone! 
Top: Rumah Mode, Jl.Setiabudi, Bandung Rp. 139k
Bottom : ITC Mangga dua Rp. 90k
Shoes : Special Price Matahari Department store, Istana Plaza Rp.79k
Head piece : My sister's online shop (contact me for more info) 


Bright day. Bright smile

 Yippie! another bright day to take a shoot in my backyard with my kind hearted sister Helena Agnes. The sun is bright enough, so I do not need to edit this picture anymore, they all are fresh from the lens!

Okay let's get on to the details :
1. Ribbon headbands (forget the price, sorry :(  - Star, Sumarecon Mall serpong)

2. Light purple top (Rp.129k, Toscavica, in VARC outlet, Jl.Riau, Bandung )

3. Zebra pattern skirt (Rp.50k , urbie sale, Jariwaringin, Jakarta Selatan)

4. Light brown wedges (Rp.200k, Antonio Shoes, Tanah Abang Blok A, 3th floor Los B no.109, Jakarta Pusat)


*spotted* Special Price shoes!

Today I went home with a victory in my hands by spotting these shoes on sale in Matahari Department store, Istana Plaza - Bandung. The original price is Rp.329k, now they are on special price Rp.79k! What??? At first I did not hope too much cause this kind of price often comes with no normal size available. But, this time is DIFFERENT! They are still available in normal sizes! I grab myself the salmon one (size 37). Interested? 

a peek to Invictus

Hi peekers! I apologise for breaking my own commitment to write once a week. Not trying to make any excuse, but the reason is because I was sick last week. I got infected by a kind of bacteria that makes my right cheek turned to a giant "bakpao", and I need to stay in the hospital for 5 days. Thank God that now I am back to normal! 

For this week's peek is about a small distribution store (distro) in Jl. Sultan Agung no. 9 called "Invictus" 

Basic infos: 

A store called: Invictus
Address:  Jl.Sultan Agung no 9, Bandung
Phone: +62222501023
Trends: Casual
Fitting Room: 1 fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: no
Online store: http://invictus.co.id/
Face book: https://www.facebook.com/invictusclothing
: @invictusnews

A glimpse of the store's atmosphere


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