a project called "Bandung Cross Outlet" where I am going to visit an Outlet in Bandung on the weekend, and write a post about it. Follow my blog for the weekly post! Hope you got inspired and blessed while reading!

About MEr

Hi Everyone! Let me introduce my self...

My name is Merilda Kristalya, my friends usually call me Merilda or just Meril for short. My family called me Kristi. I was born in Jakarta, 8th of October 1993. Now I am currently living in Bandung, cause I am studying Civil Engineering in Institut Teknologi Bandung. Once a month I go back to my family's house in Tangerang. I am a talkative person, I love to meet now people and try to do new things - get out of my comfort zone! Shopping is one of my hobby beside watching movies and travelling. Fashion is also my passion after Engineering. 

contact me via 
e-mail : merilda.kristalya@windowslive.com
skype : merilda.k
line : merildakristalya
twitter : @MErildaaaa
facebook : merilda kristalya
whatsapp : 081534332247

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