a project called "Bandung Cross Outlet" where I am going to visit an Outlet in Bandung on the weekend, and write a post about it. Follow my blog for the weekly post! Hope you got inspired and blessed while reading!


DIY Pearl Cat Ear Headpiece

Finally I have finished my first year in Uni, I am so thankful for His grace and blessing for giving me the opportunity to have a very awesome and blast first year in ITB. 

Cat accessories are one of today's most wanted accessories. I have planned to do this DIY from 3 months a go but the hectic schedule pushed me to postponed it till I reach my free end of semester holiday.  It is really easy and the result is very wearable and cute! 

P.S I bought all of the materials in Pasar Modern, BSD, Serpong, Tangerang, Indonesia.


a peek to Happy go Lucky

I am so Happy and Lucky to have this store on my blog page, with pride  present you one of the sweetest outlet in town.

Basic info :
A store called: Happy go Lucky
Address:   Jl. Ciliwung #14 , Bandung, Indonesia
Trends: Casual
Fitting Room: 3 fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: no
Online store: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HGL-House/363588808178

I found this store from a review that Michelle Koesnadi wrote about great outlets to visit in Bandung.

Here are my highly recommended stuffs :

look 1

necklace : Rp120k
Skirt : Rp325k
Top: Rp219k
look 2

Dress: Rp385k
Necklace: Rp160k (me like this, great price - great product)

look 3

Dress: Rp315k
Outer: Rp399k
look 4

Jumpsuit: Rp489k
Shoes: Rp1350k
Necklace: Rp120k
Clutch: Rp445k
look 5

Dress: Rp315k
Shoes: Rp1350k
Necklace: Rp225k
Clutch: Rp225k (me like this , very unique, great pice)

photographer : Marcella Sutta 

"A happy heart is like good medicine,
    but a broken spirit drains your strength."
Proverbs 17:22 NCV


a peek to Lou Belle

Hei Peekers! Lemme intoduce you to one of the hottest outlet in town "Loubelle"

Basic Info :

A store called: Lou Belle
Address:   Jl. Dr Setiabudhi #56 , Bandung, Indonesia 40141
Trends: Casual
Fitting Room: 1 fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: no
Online store: https://www.facebook.com/loubelleshop

when I see some cute stuffs worn by other girls, this is what I have in mind "Where did she get those cute stuffs? hope I may find it someday" . The second I arrived to Lou Belle, the only thought that I have is "oooo,,, here's where those cute stuffs came from!" (Oalah, disini to beli nyaaa) .

Lou Belle is some kind of a distro, it sells stuffs from some local brands. The stuffs that Lou Belle sell are super unique, inspiring and out of the box.



Necklace : Rp120k
Shoes : Rp325k
Legging : Rp218k
Shirt : Rp219k


Bag : Rp150k
Shorts : Rp190k
Shoes : Rp260k
Shirt : Rp180k


 Ring : Rp70k
Clutch : Rp280k
Lego Necklace : Rp250k
Shoes : Rp370k
Top : Rp129k

 Necklace : Rp65k
Shoes : Rp250k
Skirt : Rp275k
Shirt : Rp170k


 Shoes : Rp350k
Top : Rp209k
Pants : Rp375k
Necklace : Rp200k
Vintage Notebook : Rp150k


Top : Rp279k
Pants : Rp235k
Shoes : Rp303k

There are a lot more adorable stuffs to choose from ....

Need some fashion booster? visit Lou Belle in  Jl. Dr Setiabudhi #56 , Bandung or visit facebook page https://www.facebook.com/loubelleshop


Throw Back, high-school girl

I did this photo shoot last year with my sister and my cousins, just to fill our do-nothing-days during the Hari Raya holiday. I was just an innocent fresh-high-school-graduate at that time, sometimes I miss those moments. We took the shots at Kota Tua, Jakarta Pusat, the most common place to take a vintage-themed shots. 

clothing info :

Me :
- Top : Bali Heaven, Pasteur, Bandung (Rp150k)
- Pants : Beijing, 50 yuan = Rp70k (still remember cause I fought very hard with the handsome-Chinese-faced shopkeeper to get the cheapest price)
- Loafers : Charles n Keith (Rp300k)

Helena (my sister) :
- Hat : GFO
- Accessories : GFO
- Vest : Magnolia
- Shorts : Premium Factory Outlet, Serpong, Tangerang
- Sandals : Crocs


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