a project called "Bandung Cross Outlet" where I am going to visit an Outlet in Bandung on the weekend, and write a post about it. Follow my blog for the weekly post! Hope you got inspired and blessed while reading!


a peek to Gee*Eight

Whooottt,,, finally I am in Bandung now! During my busy days in campus, I took a peek on this vibrant red colored store called Gee*Eight

A store called: House of Gee*Eight
Address:  Jl.Progo no.3, Bandung
Phone: +6222 4267686
Trends: Casual
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Fitting Room: 3 huge fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: no
Online store: http://geeeight.com
Twitter: @geeeight

My first impression to this huge outlet is that you’ll find it hard to not find the right stuff for you in Gee*Eight, the store has the whole package! They have all kinds of clothes that a woman need ! They have all types of pants and skirts, from short , mid length, to long ones. Any kinds of tops, from shirts, T-shirts, blouse, sweaters, winter coat, tank tops, cardigans, blazers, etc. All kinds of dresses, from mini, mid length, to maxi dress – Gee*Eight even have jumpsuits! They also have  a collection for hijabers and kids! The style Gee*Eight offer are mostly casual, there are a lot of variety of designs, suitable for  teenagers to working moms. I think, Gee*Eight could be one of your favorite store to visit in Bandung.


Tasya's Surprise Party

 On tuesday 22th, me and my friends planned a surprise for our best friend Anastasya Martina in Warung Pasta, Dago. Cupcakes were bought in Harvest, Dago. Harvest have ready stock cupcakes, so we do not have to order it before.
Regular Cupcakes : 2 @ Rp. 65k
                           4@ Rp. 120k
Mini Cupcakes : 1 @ Rp. 30k
                       6 @ Rp. 200k
(Harvest said that the 6 mini cupcake box is special so it cost some money)
In my opinion, the frosting was too sweet, but some of my friends said that it's fine. But, the cake speaks for the price - they use a chocolate brownies for the cake, it feels so comfortable to put it in my mouth.


I am having a toothache since yesterday noon, and today my right cheek is swallowing! It hurts when I open my mouth :"( ... really want to go home to my mother's lap and feels okay. Did a rontgen photo in Laboratorium Pramita for Rp.125k. Can't found the cause of the toothache. Keep praying


tutu in front of curtain

What's up people! this is one of my last shot with my sister before I went back to Bandung. I did this in front of my room curtain, I am now missing my room already :'(. Just a quick detail about the clothes.

1. white zipper vest (Magnolia)

2. Black tutu (Mirror, Hongkong)

--> a quick glimpse about tutu : too cute to be wearable in everyday life, true? a big NO. be brave to wear tutu's to parties and special occasions, you may look stunning and highlighted in front of people. true story.

3. Black boots (Giovanni, Istana Plaza - Bandung Rp 269k. just bought last month)

--> If you like it,  I suggest you to buy the twin sister of these boots but look more casual and cuter in Payless for Rp.259k. I used to regret that, but I've moved on. 


a smile after nightmare

“I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”
― Helen Keller

Physical Education (PE) is always been a nightmare for me since umm, since I was born maybe! From 1 to 10, my sport ability is -3 . Today, is the first day of PE and there's a test to measure our physical fitness - to run around a football field 6 times in 14 minutes. I ran in 22 minutes, it means I failed. I am not proud to be "the class snail" cause I was the slowest among all of my class members :''''''''(

Awkay, I must get my self together and start to exercise more.

as a mood booster, I took some shots with my friend using my hand phone.

at Saraga ITB 


Jumpiez Suite

 “OK, this jumpsuit thing … it’s not going away and thank God it’s not going away because I’m obsessed with it,” 
Tyra Banks

Hello People! I’m so excited to share a look of myself on a jumpsuit! I’ve always wanted to wear this light blue jumpsuit I bought in Paris ITC Mangga Dua a few months ago, for Rp.250k (very proud of it xixixixi)!!! I wear this cute thing to a very romantic wedding of my relatives.
Here are some great things about jumpsuit:
  1.           Highlight the great body of yours, every girl can look their best in a jumpsuit! Pick the best types for your body.
  2.          Offers comfort and style
  3.           Save your time on matching an outfit

Jennifer Lopez loves jumpsuit; she wore it in almost all of her music videos. Tyra Banks loves jumpsuit, in Asia’s Next Top Model commercial she said that “Jumpsuit is the best clothing ever made”. Kim Kardashian wear it often, and there are many names of other celebrities who loved this hard-to-pee-while-wearing piece of clothing. 

And most importantly, I love jumpsuit!!!(is it important? I desperately hope you said yes. . .)

When I put this jumpsuit on, my sister meanly said that I look like wearing pajamas! Owwww, you just harshly ruined my excitement girl! But, I know what I am doing and go straight ahead to the wedding confidently. Here are some pictures my sister took for me at home after the wedding; I added a ribbon leather belt to match it up. Hope you got inspired *wink*!

Drum roll....... tigaribulimaratus....!!!!

South East Root

Hai hai hai! Bagaimana kabar? (How are you in Nusa Tenggara Timur language). Today I am posting a look inspired from my mom’s motherland Nusa Tenggara Timur. I found this handmade woven cloth originally from Nusa Tenggara Timur (kain tenun NTT), I have worn this cloth before on my senior high school graduation day. I thought that the pattern is magnificent; its beauty of heritage must be shared to the world!
I mixed this traditional woven cloth with a black vest, and some ethnic bangles I got from Bali.

Have your own idea to show the beauty of heritage of Indonesia? Share your ideas to me, comment me or send an e-mail to: merilda.kristalya@windowslive.com


a peek to Sugar Rush

Huaaalloooww,, I’m really excited to write my first outlet review this week. Since I’m on holiday and not in Bandung yet, I decided to write a pre-Bandung Cross Outlet – I’m writting about my visit to a clothing store around Tangerang.

A store called: SUGAR RUSH
Address:  Pusat Grosir Tanah Abang Blok A, Lantai 6, Los F, No 30-31
Phone: 081910090088
Trends: Vintage, Hippie, Preppy
Sizes : All size (mostly fit to S,M,L, the loose shirts fit to S,M,L,XL,XXL)
Fitting Room : none
Price : varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain : no
Online store : no

It is kind a like love at the first sight for me to this really cute pink themed store called Sugar Rush. The name”Sugar Rush” reminded me to a candy themed car race arcade game in the movie “Wreck it Ralph”. The shopkeepers are friendly, makes me feel welcomed at the store.

The shirts and dresses are arranged really well, so people can spot those cute printed shirts easily.
What are they selling? The clothes that Sugar Rush sells are mostly printed crème colored shirts, and some printed vintage dresses. The cloths they are using are imported from other country, but Sugar Rush designed and printed their own pictures on the cloths.  That makes those cute pictures will not be found in another stores except in Sugar Rush. If you are a big fan of vintage clothing, printed loose shirts, and any kinds of crop tees (patterned, bohemian, vintage), this is the must-visit-store for you - because Sugar Rush offers you unique designs and patterns, a comfortable to wear cloth, with a reasonable price.


Black, Metal, n Jeans

Huaaaiiii again ! today I am excited to share the details on my last post. To be honest, it takes time to find the location to capture this shot, to find the right pose and expression. In my mind, I wish to look fierce and editorial (just like what Tyra Banks always said in America's next top model) --- but in real life, my fierce and editorial look turn out too mean and Chinese. I took so many shots, try out different poses and finally I can pick some great shots to post and try not to embarrassed  my self.

I edit this picture my self, no effects, just mix them up. Sorry if it seems a little bit "ALAY", I'm trying my best though. edit with gimp editor that I learned in high school, xixixixi

Awkay, let's get on to the details :

firstday of jogging routine

As the background: I have a sport class once a week next semester, to get an A , I must run 6 times around a football field in 14 minutes. I suck at sports and never done any sport since August 2012. To reach a good score in sport, I planned to run everyday during my New Year holiday, practice makes perfect.

It is a shame that every morning, there’s a very high magnetic force on my bed – not allowing me to get up early and run, duuuhh.

Thank God, today I can turn my self up and finally do my first running routine. My target was to run 15 minutes non-stop, speed doesn’t count.

I am wearing this shoes I just bought last month: pink reebok run-tone shoes. I have loved these shoes since I first saw them in November, in Sport Station -- the price tag was Rp.1200k. Very expensive and broke my heart. Then I waited till the Christmas discount, my heart exploded finding out that they were on 40% discount, yippie. Finally I brought those babies home for Rp.720k, yay!

black,metal n jeans


Bunny Bubbly

Hai again! For some of my close friends, I bet you have seen these bunny bubbly shots a couple of times before in instagram (merildakristalya) of in lookbook.nu . Yeah, this is my first shot for the blog, and I published it often to promote my instagram, look.book, and of course this blog. This is one of my favorite take, this is me with a full spirit to start fresh in 2013, I am a strong girl!

Let me share the details about my clothes.

Introduction of EMERALADERYL

Hei, for starter, my name is Merilda Kristalya. I am 19 years old, and just started my own blog to fill my do nothing days during New Year holidays.

I often felt like the name Merilda is not a common name, may people find it hard to spell, speak and memorize my name. My mom said that Merilda came from the word emerald (a kind of precious stone) and Meryl (a famous female actress that my mom loved: Meryl Streep). The meanings of my first name inspires me to title my blog EMERALADERYL, a combination of emerald and Meryl.


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