a project called "Bandung Cross Outlet" where I am going to visit an Outlet in Bandung on the weekend, and write a post about it. Follow my blog for the weekly post! Hope you got inspired and blessed while reading!


tutu in front of curtain

What's up people! this is one of my last shot with my sister before I went back to Bandung. I did this in front of my room curtain, I am now missing my room already :'(. Just a quick detail about the clothes.

1. white zipper vest (Magnolia)

2. Black tutu (Mirror, Hongkong)

--> a quick glimpse about tutu : too cute to be wearable in everyday life, true? a big NO. be brave to wear tutu's to parties and special occasions, you may look stunning and highlighted in front of people. true story.

3. Black boots (Giovanni, Istana Plaza - Bandung Rp 269k. just bought last month)

--> If you like it,  I suggest you to buy the twin sister of these boots but look more casual and cuter in Payless for Rp.259k. I used to regret that, but I've moved on. 



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