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Black, Metal, n Jeans

Huaaaiiii again ! today I am excited to share the details on my last post. To be honest, it takes time to find the location to capture this shot, to find the right pose and expression. In my mind, I wish to look fierce and editorial (just like what Tyra Banks always said in America's next top model) --- but in real life, my fierce and editorial look turn out too mean and Chinese. I took so many shots, try out different poses and finally I can pick some great shots to post and try not to embarrassed  my self.

I edit this picture my self, no effects, just mix them up. Sorry if it seems a little bit "ALAY", I'm trying my best though. edit with gimp editor that I learned in high school, xixixixi

Awkay, let's get on to the details :

1. Sun glasses
This was actually my dad's sun glasses, bought it in H&M Hongkong, sorry that I forgot the price (it was like 3 years a go). Really cute cause they are multi-function -- both glasses and mirror. If you see it carefully, there is my sister's reflection on those glasses. 

2. Necklace
This necklace is actually a very very common necklace, I bet almost every girl has it. but I bought it anyway cause it is cute. Oh ya! fyi I saw Khloe Kardashian wore it in the show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". Honestly I bought it in ITC Mangga Dua, not long time a go, so you can still get it today. My mom bargain it for Rp.50k. I thought it was still too expensive. It hurts my heart finding out that my sister also sell this necklace in her online shop (Hertz Accessories), for only Rp.40k-- you may contact me for more info. 

3. Washed Jeans Sleeveless Shirt
My mom bought this shirt in Pasar Senen, Jakarta when she was thinner (I was a little kid back then).

4. Waist Belt
Bought it in ITC Mangga Dua for Rp.50k

5. Gennie Black Pants
I bought it in Ladies' Market, Hongkong. In a store called Mirror  My cousin who lived in Hongkong took me there, it was 10 minutes walk from the usual Ladies' Market that many tourist is taken to. All of their products are colored black, and the price was really affordable with to bargain needed. 

6. Snake Skin Gladiator
I don't know why in this look, I accidentally choose so many stuffs that I bought from Hongkong (I went to Hongkong 3 years ago). In Hongkong, you may find so many cute and unique shoes that rarely found in Indonesia - with an affordable price too! I bought this gladiator for about Rp.75k (after changing the currency into rupiah)

Just for sharing, my family and I went to Hongkong last year by our own (not joining any tourism agency), we use this book as our tourism guidance. It is so usefull, easy to understand and suit out family really well. 

You may find this book in any gramedia in Indonesia.

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