a project called "Bandung Cross Outlet" where I am going to visit an Outlet in Bandung on the weekend, and write a post about it. Follow my blog for the weekly post! Hope you got inspired and blessed while reading!


Introduction of EMERALADERYL

Hei, for starter, my name is Merilda Kristalya. I am 19 years old, and just started my own blog to fill my do nothing days during New Year holidays.

I often felt like the name Merilda is not a common name, may people find it hard to spell, speak and memorize my name. My mom said that Merilda came from the word emerald (a kind of precious stone) and Meryl (a famous female actress that my mom loved: Meryl Streep). The meanings of my first name inspires me to title my blog EMERALADERYL, a combination of emerald and Meryl.

 I live in two places, in Tangerang with my family, and in Bandung where my university located. My mother language is Indonesian, but I encourage myself to write in English to improve it while hoping that my blog may be visited by people internationally. Because of that, I apologize for some typos and grammar failures.

 I love fashion, especially affordable fashion stuffs. In EMERALADERYL, I am sharing my shopping experiences searching for a-worth-to-spend stuffs.

I used to dream to be a model actually, but then I realized that I love engineering more. But, I cant deny that I still really love to take shoots as a hobby. I am not gifted by Beauty-Barbie-Pretty type of face, just a regular Chinese oriental face, thanks to my one and only photographer (a.k.a my little sister Helena Agnes) who is willing to take some shoots, so that we could  get one lucky-gorgeous pict.

I am grateful that I could get a chance to study in Bandung, a city filled with hundreds of outlets and stores. Then I got an idea to start a project on my own called Bandung CROSS-OUTLET. Ill visit one outlet per week and Ill share my thoughts and experiences about it. I believe that it will be super exciting and may be very useful for my readers’ hehehehe. Dont you think so? If you agree with me, please follow my blog and have twisty experiences with me. 

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