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Jumpiez Suite

 “OK, this jumpsuit thing … it’s not going away and thank God it’s not going away because I’m obsessed with it,” 
Tyra Banks

Hello People! I’m so excited to share a look of myself on a jumpsuit! I’ve always wanted to wear this light blue jumpsuit I bought in Paris ITC Mangga Dua a few months ago, for Rp.250k (very proud of it xixixixi)!!! I wear this cute thing to a very romantic wedding of my relatives.
Here are some great things about jumpsuit:
  1.           Highlight the great body of yours, every girl can look their best in a jumpsuit! Pick the best types for your body.
  2.          Offers comfort and style
  3.           Save your time on matching an outfit

Jennifer Lopez loves jumpsuit; she wore it in almost all of her music videos. Tyra Banks loves jumpsuit, in Asia’s Next Top Model commercial she said that “Jumpsuit is the best clothing ever made”. Kim Kardashian wear it often, and there are many names of other celebrities who loved this hard-to-pee-while-wearing piece of clothing. 

And most importantly, I love jumpsuit!!!(is it important? I desperately hope you said yes. . .)

When I put this jumpsuit on, my sister meanly said that I look like wearing pajamas! Owwww, you just harshly ruined my excitement girl! But, I know what I am doing and go straight ahead to the wedding confidently. Here are some pictures my sister took for me at home after the wedding; I added a ribbon leather belt to match it up. Hope you got inspired *wink*!

Drum roll....... tigaribulimaratus....!!!!

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