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a peek to Sugar Rush

Huaaalloooww,, I’m really excited to write my first outlet review this week. Since I’m on holiday and not in Bandung yet, I decided to write a pre-Bandung Cross Outlet – I’m writting about my visit to a clothing store around Tangerang.

A store called: SUGAR RUSH
Address:  Pusat Grosir Tanah Abang Blok A, Lantai 6, Los F, No 30-31
Phone: 081910090088
Trends: Vintage, Hippie, Preppy
Sizes : All size (mostly fit to S,M,L, the loose shirts fit to S,M,L,XL,XXL)
Fitting Room : none
Price : varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain : no
Online store : no

It is kind a like love at the first sight for me to this really cute pink themed store called Sugar Rush. The name”Sugar Rush” reminded me to a candy themed car race arcade game in the movie “Wreck it Ralph”. The shopkeepers are friendly, makes me feel welcomed at the store.

The shirts and dresses are arranged really well, so people can spot those cute printed shirts easily.
What are they selling? The clothes that Sugar Rush sells are mostly printed crème colored shirts, and some printed vintage dresses. The cloths they are using are imported from other country, but Sugar Rush designed and printed their own pictures on the cloths.  That makes those cute pictures will not be found in another stores except in Sugar Rush. If you are a big fan of vintage clothing, printed loose shirts, and any kinds of crop tees (patterned, bohemian, vintage), this is the must-visit-store for you - because Sugar Rush offers you unique designs and patterns, a comfortable to wear cloth, with a reasonable price.

Actually, at first I am not interested to buy anything from that store. Why? Because I thought the price tag was too expensive...

Crop tee: Rp.125k
Loose asymmetrical shirt: Rp.75k (this one’s ok)
Vintage dress: Rp. 125k

So, I tell myself to let them go. But, as I go out from the store – errr I can’t forget about them..  and my heart says  “The cloth they are using are really comfortable, must be expensive of course. The designs are unique; I will not find that kind of shirt anywhere else”
 I was such a wishy-washy (ind. Plin plan) girl! I decided to go back and ended up buying 3 items. . .

Rp. 115k. I don’t what this kind of dress is called, but I liked it. Fyi, the skirt part is see through.

Rp.125k. Vintage white ruffles dress, with a floral print, looks angelic.

Rp.125k. Dream catcher printed crop tee. Actually I still thought that this one is not worth spending, but the unique cut and print have won my heart.

Another stuffs shouting to be bought:

Rp.150k. This see through Tosca tutu, super cute – but it is not wearable and expensive too.  So I closed my wallet for it. Interested?

If you are interested to visit Sugar Rush, tips:
  • ·        Prepare your eyes to choose one cute picture that you really like from a bunch of choices, cause there will be a lot pictures to choose from – but only some of them are unique enough.
  • ·        Prepare to choose only the unique design, cut, and print so that the money you spent will be worth it, because some of the designs are too common for that price.
  • ·        Buy with your friends, because for buying 3 items, there will be a Rp.10k discount for each item
  • ·        Do not try to bargain, it is not going to work

P.S           Sugar Rush do not pay me to write this review for them

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