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firstday of jogging routine

As the background: I have a sport class once a week next semester, to get an A , I must run 6 times around a football field in 14 minutes. I suck at sports and never done any sport since August 2012. To reach a good score in sport, I planned to run everyday during my New Year holiday, practice makes perfect.

It is a shame that every morning, there’s a very high magnetic force on my bed – not allowing me to get up early and run, duuuhh.

Thank God, today I can turn my self up and finally do my first running routine. My target was to run 15 minutes non-stop, speed doesn’t count.

I am wearing this shoes I just bought last month: pink reebok run-tone shoes. I have loved these shoes since I first saw them in November, in Sport Station -- the price tag was Rp.1200k. Very expensive and broke my heart. Then I waited till the Christmas discount, my heart exploded finding out that they were on 40% discount, yippie. Finally I brought those babies home for Rp.720k, yay!

Taken from: http://walking.about.com/od/prshoe/fr/reebokruntone.htm
The Reebok RunTone shoes feature air-filled pods with moving air all along the sole and heel. This gives a bit of instability with each step, like stepping on a fitness disk. The instability is designed to activate and tone more muscles. Unlike many toning shoes, they are relatively lightweight, flat and flexible, all of which make them more suitable to walking and running than most other toning shoe designs. They flex in the right places and you can get a proper roll through a walking step with them.

I have prepared all things with me, wearing comfortable shoes, watch, headsets, and my phone as the music player. Ready, get set, run!
Result: got exhausted after 6 minutes running in vila melatimas, can’t do it any longer – stopped.

Okay, no regrets – move on, I’ll do it again tomorrow. Practice makes perfect, right?
Any tips, please?

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