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a peek to Invictus

Hi peekers! I apologise for breaking my own commitment to write once a week. Not trying to make any excuse, but the reason is because I was sick last week. I got infected by a kind of bacteria that makes my right cheek turned to a giant "bakpao", and I need to stay in the hospital for 5 days. Thank God that now I am back to normal! 

For this week's peek is about a small distribution store (distro) in Jl. Sultan Agung no. 9 called "Invictus" 

Basic infos: 

A store called: Invictus
Address:  Jl.Sultan Agung no 9, Bandung
Phone: +62222501023
Trends: Casual
Fitting Room: 1 fitting room available
Price: varies from reasonable to expensive
Bargain: no
Online store: http://invictus.co.id/
Face book: https://www.facebook.com/invictusclothing
: @invictusnews

A glimpse of the store's atmosphere

women's wear

from left to right (Rp.110k, Rp.125k, Rp, 110k )
my favorite men's T-shirt  (Rp.110k)
Invictus sell uni-sex stuffs, men's wear and only a few women's wear. In my opinion, Invictus is quite an interesting store to visit with your boyfriend or guy friends. 

I love going to distros cause distros are one of the place where indonesian designers and can develop their creativity widely, so they often sell unique stuffs that are uncommon to be found in regular clothing stores.

Here are some of my highly recommended stuffs: 

Rp. 25k

the size compared with an ordinary bag

#KAW T-shirt:
The shop keeper said that this shirt is their top product. The letter "Kumaha Aing Weh #KAW" came from a twitter account which is really popular among sundanesse people in Bandung. The partnership between #KAW and Invictus has created some cash $$!! 

Mouth Cover Mask:
When I entered the store, this cute mouth mask were like *shining* directly catch my eyeballs. You know, just like in the air condition advertisements said, the air is now full of germs and bacteria!  Wearing a mask while walking across the street, riding motorcycle and public transportation (ex. Angkot) is a must. Wearing a mouth cover mask would be 4x more exciting with this stuff! 

Mini Bag : 
This bag seems to be an ordinary bag, the unusual part is its size! The size of this bag is only as big as your hand, just the right size to put your hand phone, pen, and wallet in it.  With so many bright colours to choose from, this mini bag is suitable for us who loves simplicity.  

Hungry for more? Take your self a peek to Invictus this weekend!

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